For use in the field of Radiotherapy EQD2 allows for a quick and easy calculation of delivered dose in equivalent 2 Gy fractions  (EQD2) and consists of two functions:

Course Sum: Calculate EQD2 for up to four treatment courses. Just enter dose and number of fractions and see the results instantaneous on your screen. Add and remove second, third and fourth treatment with a click of a button.

# Scheme: Set the already delivered dose and maximum allowed dose to target and let EQD2 help you plan the new fractionation scheme by using sliders to set the alpha-beta ratio, dose and the number of fractions.

Feedback and support:

EQD2 is a work in progress and any feedback and suggestions for future functions are much appreciated. We will of course be available for support also. Please contact us at eqd (at) buhl-development.dk.